Data Experts are only a Call or an Email Away

The HelpDesk is here to help you figure out and resolve any issues you may have in accessing and using OOI data. Our first order of business is making sure that you have your questions answered in a timely way. Whether you are stymied by how to download pCO2 data, looking to ask about how to add instrumentation to an existing array, or wondering how OOI data undergoes quality control, help is but an email or phone call away.

We have also put together online resources to help you sort out specific issues. These include webinars about the arrays and connecting new instrumentation to them, tutorials providing specific examples of how to use OOI data, tools and datasets developed by OOI community members, and resources with data that can supplement and enhance OOI data. We also have convened a treasure trove of frequently asked questions that may serve as a guide to resolving yours.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at We promise to give you a timely response and will strive to answer your questions fully and to your satisfaction.