Researchers are invited to discuss ways that additional sampling might be added to the arrays to help answer particular research questions. As with other proposed modifications, it is helpful to discuss ideas and work toward solutions by contacting the HelpDesk.

The OOI instruments are set up to sample at “Baseline Sampling Rates,” which were established with community input to address the long term observational goals and objectives in the OOI Science Prospectus. If mooring platforms had available power when they were deployed, the instruments were set to sample to the available power levels. These are called “As Deployed Sampling Rates.”

Researchers can propose to modify sampling rates, if they are lower than the “As Deployed Sampling Rates” and do not go below the “Baseline Sampling Rates,” outlined in the OOI Science Prospectus. Any proposed changes, however, to be timed with operation and maintenance cruises for the arrays, which occur twice/year.

The costs associated with changes to sampling rates are included in the current operations budgets for funded proposals. There are no proposal costs associated with recommending sampling rate changes associated with the OOI. The OOI Science Oversight Committee will monitor sampling rate changes and assure that the observatory science prospectus traceability is maintained.